Cinderella-live in detroit 1991

Yo bro n sist…
Masih edisi gratisan wifi… Hemat quota brosist… Sekarang giliran band kerennya Tom Kiefer… Cinderella
cinderella- live in detroit 1991


Track list:
1. The More Things Change
2. Push Push
3. Sick For The Cure
4. Make Your Own Way
5. Night Songs
6. Back Home Again
7. Somebody Save me
8. Heartbreak Station
9. Coming Home
10. Fallin Apart At The Seams
11. Love Got Me Doin’ Time
12. Love Gone Bad
13. Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone
14. Nobody’s Fool
15. Gypsy Road
16. Shake Me
17. Shelter Me

Monggo di simak… Sementara gw nyedot dulu… :mrgreen:

Salam cihuy… :mrgreen:
One for rock and roll…


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